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Leather Conference Chair with Wheels

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Conference Chair with Wheels

Hongye conference chairs and meeting chairs have been designed to suit all kinds of environments. With their clean, simple lines, the chairs work well with all types of  meeting table and conference table. The conference chair combines the elegance of leather upholstery with the practicality of wheels, offering a sophisticated and mobile seating option for professional meetings and gatherings. You can adjust and customise our chairs to your own individual needs, so there will be no more aches and pains after a long meeting and you'll find it easier to stay alert.  If you're looking for a conference chair or meeting chair that you can adapt to your own individual requirements, you may also want to consider a fully equipped  office chair.

Quick Information

  • One-piece molding process

  • Dynamic Support System

  • Independent research and development


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Elegance and style are the key words of this collection. Inspired by the exquisite tailoring of suits worn by elites, the chair body is made of one-piece craftsmanship, hand-covered in soft textured leather and decorated with even and fine bilateral stitching, outlining the sharp and clear contour lines, showing Modern calm demeanor.


On the basis of collecting and analyzing a large amount of human body sitting posture data, the computer digital programming is carried out through the top German equipment, and the PVC material is precisely molded to realize the integral molding of the backrest and the seat plate, improve the support strength of the internal structure, and ensure the overall and smooth feeling of the external shape.


The innovative seat back design is equipped with a dynamic support system for the first time in the form of a split structure; the top soft sponge is combined with light and thin deformable materials, which can support the weight of the human body according to different postures and provide instant balance support.


The function control keys embedded in the seat cushion create a simple and pure overall structure, which achieves a balance between indispensable practical functions and never-ending aesthetic pursuits.

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