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High Back Mesh Office Chair with Headrest

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High Back Mesh Office Chair

Mesh office chairs can enhance a more modern and stylish look in an office space. Experience ultimate comfort and support with the office mesh chair, featuring a high back and headrest for superior ergonomic design and relaxation during long hours of work. The increasingly popular chairs offer many benefits and features. The mesh back office chairs mold and contour perfectly along the user's back because there is no thick padding, providing extensive support as well as high levels of comfort.

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  • Bock Chassis

  • Suspended armrest

  • Butterfly waist support


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The breathable netback material is excellent in keeping perspiration levels down ensuring the user stays cool and dry during long periods of sitting down. This is a distinct advantage over leather/ faux leather chairs and fabric chairs as they tend to restrict airflow causing high levels of discomfort if used for long periods.

Bock Chassis

Bock Chassis

Using the chassis jointly developed with the professional machine wolf Germany BOCK, on the basis of scientific experiments and measurements, a large amount of ergonomic data is collected and analyzed to provide a scientific basis for functional design and operating system design.

Suspended armrest

Suspended armrest

The armrest bracket is connected with the chair back frame so that the armrest and the chair back can be tilted synchronously, effectively solving the problem of lack of support for the user's hands when leaning back, and improving the user's sitting experience.

Butterfly waist support

Butterfly waist support

Taking butterflies in nature as the source of design inspiration, the design team carried out functional innovations on the waist support according to the fluttering posture of the butterfly wings, so that it can withstand the waist strength of people of different weights. Position adjustment, always keep close to the user's lumbar arc. The lumbar support adopts secondary injection molding technology to fit the human body. One side is made of TPE soft rubber material, which is soft and skin-friendly, and has strong waist grip; the outer side is made of ABS plastic material, with high surface hardness, good resistance to denaturation, and strong support.

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