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Open lounge with white sofa sectional and loung chair next to wooden top coffee table and lounge chair
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People-Oriented Space Design​​​​​​​
Based on the core idea of people-oriented, we help employees complete their work with a comfortable, efficient, and smooth office experience, including the addition of Lounge Seating considerations. Around this, we added more considerations when thinking about the office environment, furniture collocation, display methods, and empowered employees by empowering space.
Meet Your Diverse Needs
The three-piece model of the traditional concept of workstation, conference room and supervisor's office can no longer meet the needs of current business development. At present, the diversity of job types is far more than before, technology, design, sales, management and other diverse positions, often have completely different office space needs, through the establishment of diverse space to meet different needs. Our lounge seating furniture provides a stylish resting place in offices, public areas and learning spaces – relax in comfort and style.
A lounge chair with red color and a lounge sofa with cream-coloured upholstery next to an walnut wood top coffee table in a lobby.
Lounge Seating for Lobby
Elevate your lobby's ambiance with our stylish and comfortable lounge seating options. Create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for guests while providing a cozy and relaxing waiting area.
Brown lounge chairs with white cushions surround a wooden coffee table.
Lounge Seating for Breakout Area​​​​​​​
Create a dynamic and inviting breakout space with our versatile lounge seating. Whether for casual conversations or focused collaboration, our seating solutions offer comfort and style, enhancing the breakout area's functionality and aesthetic appeal.
Two lounge sofas with green cushions next to a small coffee table and lounge stool in a public area.
Lounge Seating for Office Public Area
Redefine your office's public spaces with our stylish lounge seating. Combining comfort and modern design, our seating solutions create welcoming environments where employees and guests can connect, work, or unwind in style.
A red lounge sofa is next to a wooden end table and two lounge chairs in working and leisure area.
Lounge Seating for Office Recreation Area
Transform your office's recreational space with our comfortable and stylish lounge seating options. These solutions provide a relaxed environment for employees to unwind, collaborate, and recharge, fostering a more enjoyable and productive workplace experience.
A few beige loungers around a coffee table in a coffee enviroment.
Lounge Seating for Office Pantry Area
Redefine your office pantry area with our comfortable lounge seating solutions. Crafted for comfort and style, our seating options create a cozy atmosphere where employees can relax, collaborate, and enjoy their breaks, enhancing the overall workplace ambiance.
Four lounge chairs surround a conference table.
Lounge Seating for Meeting Room
Transform your meeting room into a versatile and comfortable space with our lounge seating solutions. Crafted for style and functionality, our seating options provide a relaxed setting for productive discussions, brainstorming sessions, and successful team meetings, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration.
A yellow lounge chair and a blue lounge chair.
Lounge Seating for Executive Office
Elevate your executive workspace with our luxurious lounge seating solutions. Crafted for comfort and sophistication, our seating options create a prestigious and inviting environment where executives can work, collaborate, and relax in style, setting the standard for professional excellence.
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