Get insights to elevate people's experience and adapt quickly to change.
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Nurses Stations
Care teams depend on the right mix of work zones for collaborating with teammates, focusing on individual work, and connecting with patients. Empower people and improve their experience with environments that revolve around what caregivers need to succeed.​​​​​​​
Healthcare Seating
Give patients and their families a superior experience—and improve your patients’ satisfaction—by providing useful, durable furniture where people can heal and visit in comfort.​​​​​​​
Waiting Areas​​​​​​​ Seating
Provide a comfortable, calming experience for everyone. Waiting rooms that focus on accessibility and a wide range of people and needs start the care journey off on the right foot.​​​​​​​
Patient Rooms
Meet the needs of caregivers while providing a superior experience for patients and their families. Calm, refined rooms focused on staff efficiency and everyone’s comfort can speed healing and boost patient satisfaction.​​​​​​​
Exam Rooms​​​​​​​
Improve physicians’ and nurses’ ability to connect meaningfully with patients while easily accessing supplies and tools. A combination of versatile casework, seating, and technology sets the stage for an ever-widening range of exams, consults, and conversations.​​​​​​​
Administrative Office
Create hard-working administrative areas that maximize efficiency and improve people’s well-being with human-centered products informed by decades of workplace research.
Enable quick turnaround times, easy changes, and an environment where people want to work. Modular, durable medical lab components reconfigure easily as processes improve or technologies evolve, delivering efficiency and ergonomic comfort without sacrificing accuracy.
Durable, reusable, and reconfigurable components come together to create nimble pharmacies that power the work at hand and scale to meet the needs of the future.​​​​​​​
Materials Management​​​​​​​
Help staff improve efficiency—plus reduce waste and lower the cost of medical supplies—with a materials management system that’s easy to understand, use, customize, and change to fit evolving processes.​​​​​​​
Healthcare Application
Get insights to elevate people's experience and adapt quickly to change.
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