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Healthcare Furniture
Choose flexible, durable furnishings for your healthcare environments that help people work more efficiently and keep your spaces adaptable for tomorrow's needs.
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Celebrating 10 Years of Hongye for Healthcare
Choose flexible, durable healthcare furniture solutions for your healthcare environments that help medical staff work more efficiently. Hongye is an professional medical furniture manufacturers, which has been operating medical furniture for more than 20 years and has rich experience in healthcare furniture. In 2020, it increased investment in professional production of hospital equipment and modern healthcare furniture. Hongye brand completed the Yaojiang Medical Project in 2021, which is another new milestone for Hongye's take-off development. After the Yaojiang Medical Factory is completed and put into use, it will focus on the development and production of medical devices, and launch safer, environmentally friendly, efficient and high-quality medical devices, which will greatly enhance production capacity and core market competitiveness.
Designing Comfort and Functionality: Transforming Healthcare Spaces by Custom Medical Furniture
Our healthcare furniture is divided into modular combination that you can combine the furniture by yourself for office or hosptial. Our modular healthcare furniture allows for endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect combination to suit your needs. We a top hospital furniture suppliers can also customize the furniture you want, as long as you have imagination, we have creativity.

Modular Combination of Healthcare Furniture

  • Shorten the design, production cycle in medical furniture production plant and deliver the product faster.
  • Components and parts have a high degree of generalization.
  • It can be easily disassembled and transported to save hospitals with small space.

Professional Custom of Healthcare Furniture

  • Better meet the individual needs of consumers,such as modern hospital furniture
  • Variety of styles, including modern waiting room chair, luxury office furniture and more.
  • Maximize the use of your hospital's existing space.
Hongye is A Team with 20 Years Experience in Medical Furniture Supplier and Design.
Our history of healthcare design innovation began long before 1971 with the creation of our research division in the 1960s. When we started in 2000, we were not just a medical care supplier company that cooperated with wholesalers and traders, but also a company that focused on one-stop medical care furniture engineering support. In 2021, it will increase investment to build the Yaojiang Medical and Nursing Building, which also has a luxurious medical and nursing furniture showroom. Our R&D team is always looking for ways to improve our service and product quality.
The Yaojiang Medical Project from Hongye Comapny
The Yaojiang Medical Project of Hongye Group is one of the four advanced future cluster projects built by Jiangmen City. This project is an important part of Hongye Group's development and growth of strategic emerging industries and the construction of healthy medical devices. Hongye medical furniture makes it easy to integrate technology, optimize workflow, accommodate changes among colleagues, connect with patients, and access technology and record information.
Hospital Furniture VR Showroom
As a professional healthcare furniture manufacturer, we created a high-definition, interactive showroom that uses the immersive power of virtual reality to offer an innovative 3D product experience. With new ways of exploration and visualization, customers can bring hospital furniture to life – opening your mind and home to new possibilities.
High end medical furniture material with Cleanability and Infection Prevention
Cleanability is a key design criterion for our entire healthcare portfolio—from the industry-first, wipe-out design feature of our seating, to our offering of MicrobeCare for added antimicrobial protection. Compass System features Durawrap—a 99.9% PVC-free material that requires no edge banding, resulting in a seamless, cleanable, and durable surface—and overlapping tiles to help control the spread of infection.
Abrasion Test: >800.000 cycles
UV and FADE Resistance (QUV 1000h)
Resistance to Hydrolysis (10 years)
Resistance to Cold Cracking (-23°C)
Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Mildew
Chermical Solvents- ZERO
Respects the Environment
Healthcare Products Types
Complete Your Hospital with Comprehensive Healthcare Products
Our solutions span the entire platform, and we're an experienced supplier that enables you to simplify procurement and improve the doctor,nurse and patient experience.
Healthcare Application
Get insights to elevate people's experience and adapt quickly to change.
Healthcare Project Profiles
Learn how we're bringing customized solutions to the table, how we're executing our projects, and what our clients say about us.
We specialize in customizing all kinds of healthcare furniture for you.

Hongye Furniture Group is the furniture supplier of the Grand Solar School. The design, production, installation and final perfect presentation have been completed, and the new school has opened as scheduled.

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