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Hongye Create A Green Healthcare Hospital Environment

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Case Study Details


Dongguan Wangniudun Hospital



Order Date

February, 2014

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Dongguan Wangniudun Hospital is a secondary hospital. It was established in 1958 and located in Dongguan. It is a comprehensive hospital integrating prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation, it is also a collection of medical. 

Business Challenge

Due to the relocation, dongguan wangniudun hospital needs a great variety of procurement contents for the furniture procurement furniture, including medical record file cabinets, medical treatment chair, physical therapy tables, office equipment, lockers and lockers, chairs for the waiting room, etc. After the releasing of the result of the bid, we found one of our brand, Hongye hospitality furniture company, which has a long experience for healthcare furniture manufacturing, won the bid with an amount of RMB 3,439,906.

However, the new hospital is equipped with a batch of high-end medical furniture and equipment, including Japan Toshiba 16-slice spiral ct, American general dsa, Japan Fuji gastroscope, colonoscope, duodenoscope, Japan Shimadzu gastrointestinal machine etc. The hospital has a strict requirement about the quality of the equipment. To win the bid is a great challenge for our company. Though difficult, our company is sure to win the bid. Because our company not only supplies the medical furniture for office, but we also offer business solutions for the interior design of the upscale module office, like how to combine office desks and chairs.In brief, we sell service and products.

Give patients a warm space.


Our company, Hongye hospitality furniture company, founded in 2010, is a professional furniture enterprise that has strong research & development and manufacturing capacity. As a top hospitality furniture manufacturer, the healthcare furniture products we produce are of high quality. Hongye medical chair manufacturers provides High quality authoritative medical Furniture and equipment,for hospital and aesthetic medicine clinic treatment, With good product performance, humanization features and innovation ability, Hongye actively improved the doctor-patient relationship and the quality of human rehabilitation quality of life. With experienced 12 consecutive years growth, Hongye have been an influential medical furniture brand that supplies products to a wide variety of customers and leader in this industry.

So, With excellent products and sophisticated experience, Hongye medical chair manufacturers has won the trust of customers by virtue of these two points. For years, we held the perspective that trust is the basis for establishing cooperation, especially for new customers, the establishment of trust can shorten the distance between each other.  So for years, we not only sell our products, but also offer professional solutions to the medical and healthcare furniture. It is our good product quality and sincere attitude that enables the win-win results between both Dongguan Wangniudun Hospital and us.


After the completion of the Hospital Furniture procurement project, hospital senior Management were very satisfied with the service quality of Hongye Hospital Office Furniture. The following are the real scenes of the ward facilities, staff desks, executive offices, lounges, meeting rooms, etc.





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