Magell Collection- Office Furniture Solution
This collection, characterized by its flexibility, fluent lines, geometric precision, and a colorful, energetic ambiance.
Flexibility Unleashed
Tailored to adapt to the dynamic needs of modern offices, offering versatile configurations for a personalized workspace.
Fluent Lines 
Designed with fluidity in mind, the collection boasts seamless and elegant lines that inspire creativity and foster a smooth workflow.
Geometric Precision
Each piece is a testament to geometric precision, marrying form and function to create an aesthetically pleasing and efficient workspace.
Colorful  Ambiance
Infused with a lively color palette, the collection breathes energy into the office environment, enhancing the overall atmosphere with vibrant hues.
Comprehensive Range
Encompassing a complete spectrum of office essentials, from workstations and executive desks to meeting tables, desks, and cubicles, ensuring a cohesive and stylish office,
Dynamic Adaptability
Seamlessly integrates into diverse office settings, from collaborative spaces to private offices, providing a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

JUEDU MAGELL Filing Cabinet
JUEDU MAGELL Filing Cabinet
JUEDU MAGELL Filing Cabinets
Office Furniture L Shaped Executive Desk Set
Custom Modern Executive L Shaped Office Desk
JUEDU Magell Series Two bits | W1400*D1200*H1080(mm) | W1200*D1200*H1080(mm)
JUEDU Magell Series Four bits | W2800*D2400*H1080(mm) | W2400*D2400*H1080(mm)
JUEDU Magell Series Four bits | W2800*D1200*H1080(mm) | W2400*D1200*H1080(mm)
JUEDU Magell Series Two-bit | W1400*D1200*H1080(mm) | W1200*D1200*H1080(mm)
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