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Office Cubicles

Multi-person cubicles in green accommodate each employee with a separate space that reduces distractions and increases productivity.
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 Build Privacy within Your Office
Office cubicle creates modern, enclosed workspace that give people the space and tools to get work done. With our collection of modern office cubicles, your workplace will come alive and inspire productivity, creativity and secure collaboration throughout the day. In the era of the COVID epidemic, the concealment performance of the new social distance cubicle protects the safety of employees. Our modern design cubicles use high cubicle walls to create extra privacy and security for your employee. Explore our new social distancing cubicles, designed for added privacy and protection to help keep your workers from spreading germs. Browse our collection of sleek cool sit-to-stand cubicle and office system furniture to customize your open office plan. Our unique collection of office cubicles represent the latest design trends in today's world of modern office furniture. Motivate your employees with our modern office cubicle partitions!
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Office cubicle specs
Cubicle specification and dimensions play an essential role in creating an optimal work environment for all employees. Small changes in panel heights or desk dimensions have a tremendous impact on your colleagues’ ability to get their work done quickly, conveniently and creatively. Explore hongye’s modern commercial cubicle.​​​​​​​
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