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The three - and two-person workstations in the office have five black office chairs.
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Workstations Made for Office, Government, Healthcare and Education
Hongye workstation delivers a durable design that works both in an open plan or a private office. It gives organizations the opportunity to adapt as their needs and the people within it change. Our adjustable and custom workstation provides open storage and adjustable height to ensure comfort and productivity. As leading workstation manufacturers and suppliers, we guarantee the highest quality product for your workspace.
A table with green panels and an office bench, and a large wooden bookcase.
HYYC Series
Workstations are specialized computer desks designed for use in offices or homes. They can be in the form of traditional sitting desks or standing desks, and there are numerous manufacturers who produce workstations for various uses.​​​​​​​
Contracted white six-bit workstation on a white background.
HYAXX Series
As an office workstation manufacturer , we supply this series modern simple fashion style and spacious side-by-side workspace that makes its space-saving and much more effective, perfect for your friends, workmate and you to play and work together.​​​​​​​
A four-person desk with flaps and four grey-mesh office chairs in office.
HYBND Series
HYBND series workstations can accommodate several people that offer a modular office, superior flexibility, adaptability and functionality in the modern workplace.​​​​​​​
Four people wooden workstation.
The Jiangnan workstation combines a stylish minimalist look with functionality, characterized by storage, and the structure of the tables supports tops of different sizes.

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