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Educational Furniture
A good learning environment with right education furniture can improve the learning efficiency of scholars or students.​​​​​​​
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Learning can also be Fun.
As a leading supplier, Hongye furniture is keen to help create conditions for lifelong learning. Our insight-driven solutions and environments inspire and engage students, faculty, and administrators helping them achieve their full potential.
Creating the Right Educational Furniture for You. 
We combine our research-based approach, deep design expertise, and collaborations with industry thought leaders to create solutions that enhance the learning experience.
Improve Your Learning Effience
They say a clean desk is a sign of a clean mind, and if your learing environment is free of distractions, it's definitely easier to focus on the task at hand, which also can improve your learing effience.
Improve Your Interest in Learning
The education furniture that is suit for you can improve your effience. In order to choose the right furniture for you, Hongye furniture can supply the best service.
Sitting Comfortably
If you’ve ever sat in a chair that’s too small or uncomfortable, or tried to learn at a desk that’s the wrong height or doesn’t have space for your legs to fit underneath, you’ll know how difficult it is to sit still.
Enrich Your Visual Experience
A rich visual experience can relax your body and mind. We are a manufacturer of educational furniture, and we try our best to provide you with a variety of colorful furniture, so that you can feel the visual enjoyment brought by color while learning.
Feel inspired
New furniture will always make a learning space more appealing, but the right choice of furniture and fittings will have much more of a long lasting effects, changing teacher and student perceptions and inspiring a whole new attitude to learning.
We will help to make the next generation of workers productive in the classroom and beyond.
Partnerships with Educational Facilities
Benefit from our research-based planning approach and diverse portfolio of products and services.
Education Space Types
Enhance the Entire Educational Environment
From classrooms to libraries to dorms and beyond, our furniture solutions improve living and learning across educational enviroment.
Personal Spaces
While paying attention to learning environment health safety, we should also realize the importance of privacy awareness within students. Hongye provides separated space for teachers and students to have homework discussions, psychological communication etc., which can be vital for students' mentle health.
Learning Spaces
Learning space or learning setting refers to a physical setting for a learning environment, a place in which teaching and learning occur. Nowadays, students, teachers and parents have extremely high demands on the learning environment.
Today’s students demand choices, requiring libraries to offer a range of spaces to support the many ways they learn.
Faculty Spaces
Functional and flexible solutions create spaces for focused work, shared activities, and the exchange of ideas. The luxurious executive office gives you a different experience.
Cafe & Dining
Today's cafe spaces are truly multi-purpose areas. Throughout the day, they are constantly shifting. From serving up a cup of coffee or a meal to supporting work on collaborative projects, these spaces accommodate a wide variety of users.
Dorm Room
Combining functional and stylish furniture for dorm room, we used the mixed materials in an innovative, collaborative approach to student living.
Education Project Profiles
Hongye is an experienced and knowledgeable partner of the federal government.
Creating An Inspiring Library For School-The Sanshui District Library​ of Foshan City

Hongye Furniture Group is the furniture supplier of the Grand Solar School. The design, production, installation and final perfect presentation have been completed, and the new school has opened as scheduled.

Provincial Model Educational Project Case - Welcome the New School Year as Scheduled

Hongye Furniture Group is the furniture supplier of the Grand Solar School. The design, production, installation and final perfect presentation have been completed, and the new school has opened as scheduled.

Library furniture project of Guangzhou Nansha No.1 Middle School

Project Name: Guangzhou Nansha No.1 Middle School Library

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