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Adjustable Rolling Chair for Office

Adjustable Rolling Chair for Office

Office chairs are further specialized for different office needs that range from task chairs for short term usage, mid-back chairs with greater back support, and executive chairs with full back and head support. Adjustable office chairs are ergonomically designed to comfortably support a user for longer periods of time.

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  • V-shaped chair back frame

  • Bock Chassis

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The fully adjustable invention that focus on human anatomy and ergonomics. With high-strength reinforced body and fully breathable unique weaving mesh that matches industrial-level durability, designed meticulously to ventilate body heat and space humidity.

V-shaped chair back frame

V-shaped chair back frame

The unique suspended V-shaped chair back frame extends longitudinally from the waistline to the bottom mechanism, matching the armrests on the side, creating a dynamic posture of geometric aesthetics.

Bock Chassis

Bock Chassis

The leather tThe wire-control chassis from the global benchmark brand of office furniture accessories - German Bock, with decades of accumulated heat generation technology brings users a more convenient operating experience: the tension regulator has the smallest speed and torque, and the five-stage gear can be easily Realize the adjustment of the tilting force of the large field: the synchronization mechanism is based on the 4-axis linkage system, which can prevent the waist from losing support and reduce clothing

Colorful selection

Colorful selection

A variety of similar colors are interwoven and fused in one stitch, injecting vitality into the pure color, creating a distinctive style, and unlocking more creative space for matching. .

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