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We furniture manufacturers provide “The Place” Dubai with the furniture solutions

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Case Study Details


The Place


Tower P.0.Box 4598 Dubai

Order Date

August, 2022

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The Place is a large planning company in UAE, which was established in 2012, mainly helping customers design programs and carry out advertising planning. The company is located in Dubai with a great geographical advantage.

Business Challenge

A few months ago, we received an order from The Place, a client who asked us about a custom office furniture project in Dubai.The customer found us through online  website and sent us the style and design he wanted. He admitted that he likes our modern design style and office furniture project in Dubai, because it provides them with a best comfortable office environment from the perspective of workers in UAE.

During the furniture custom project, our team had to solve a number of design challenges. At that time, the client requested that everything should be simple, and the color matching should be comfortable. When it is difficult to find the color and material that customers want for a lounge sofa, we looked for all over the domestic suppliers and it is difficult to find, so we purchased from abroad. Finally , the model was recognized by the customer. Hongye's production capacity and speed are admirable, customers said.

Office_space_plan_to_create_modern           material           detailed_list

A space plan to create modern for their office

"Hongye's production capacity and speed are admirable." said customer.


As a leading furniture supplier, we provide customers with a full set of customized office furniture solution, including simple L-shaped desks, wooden standing workstations, ergonomically designed office chairs, lounge seating and iron coffee tables, etc.

This double workstation desk should have a well-divided design so that both employees can work comfortably and achieve the agreed objectives. It is well-worth to equip an office with reliable workstation to enhance work performance of employees and create an atmosphere suitable for individual development.

Ergonomics is an important consideration to keep in mind when looking for an office chair. One of the best ways to ensure that office setups are as comfortable and efficient as possible is to have an adjustable office chair. This office chairs have adjustable heights and also allow users to adjust the arm height, tilt tension, and lumbar support as well for ultimate comfort and optimal posture alignment.

In addition to the workshop, the office provides numerous places where people can work together. When a quick chat at the workstation becomes a longer discussion, people can move to stylish and modern Juedu Settings, semi-enclosed spaces that provide the privacy and space required for sharing ideas. The leisure area are outfitted with comfortable lounge seating to support casual conversations. Workspace feature standing-height work surfaces and large monitors for sharing work in progress. In these luxury settings, people can have lengthy conversations about their work without distracting others nearby.


Direct feedback from workers and faculty in Dubai indicates that they are thriving in the new environment. “I think we all know that space is important on some level,” says Sandy, “but this project in Dubai really reinforced for me, for others across office involved in the project, and workers and faculty using the space just how powerful the working environment is.” The commercial office plans to use insights to develop more workers- and faculty-centered working spaces.

If the price of your local furniture in Dubai is high, why not consider we furniture supplier in China, we are committed to selling high quality furniture to UAE. You can place an order online, and you are welcome to visit our furniture factory and company in China at any time. As a high-end furniture manufacturer, we have the strength to customize high-quality furniture in Dubai.


2 Person Workstations

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Clients who are from all over the world have used Hongye office furniture to a unique workspaces.

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Hongye Furniture Group is the furniture supplier of the Grand Solar School. The design, production, installation and final perfect presentation have been completed, and the new school has opened as scheduled.


As a leading office furniture manufacturer, we provide you with the one-stop furniture solution project supporting services to create the modern office in Dubai.


Hongye Furniture Group is the furniture supplier of the Grand Solar School. The design, production, installation and final perfect presentation have been completed, and the new school has opened as scheduled.


Hongye is committed to manufacturing high-end healthcare furniture, providing perfect furniture solutions for hospitals and providing a safe treatment environment for hospital patients.


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