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Redesigning an Office Space with Ergonomic Furniture: An Article on Improving Employee Comfort and Productivity

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Redesigning an Office Space with Ergonomic Furniture: An Article on Improving Employee Comfort and Productivity

Address: Warsaw, Poland


Area: 1,500 square meters


Time: 2021



The BIT Creative design team successfully interpreted the office space of Axpo Group in Warsaw, Poland with exquisite color matching. The Axpo Group is Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and marketing of solar and wind energy.Axpo Group is a famous energy company in Europe. To broaden its oversea market, it has set up an office in Poland, waiting for decoration. Axpo Group requires both sophistication and utility in the office. Besides, the company also demands natural feelings in the office.


The 500-square-meter office occupies an entire floor. The design of the overall office is consistent with the activities of the company, so some design elements are also inspired by energy resources. For the client, it is important to create a convenient working environment to meet the needs of employees. The floor plan is perfectly adjusted to the client's expectations. The powerful and open sense of space contains strong creative potential and stimulates the creative thinking of employees. Careful material selection and exquisite color matching make this place full of infinite vitality and exclusive temperament.


BIT Creative design team is required to integrate nature into the office. Meanwhile, since it is an energy company, solutions for green office furniture are necessary. According to the company’s principles, the office has to contain rooms with different functions, such as huge and small meeting rooms, resting areas, working places, and so on. Each zone has its features. What makes it unique is that our company is required to get spirited from different kinds of natural resources like solar, hydro, nuclear, etc.


1. The solution for the working place: BIT Creative design team provides an office desk with dividers for the working place of the company. The partitions of the desk are made of durable and green materials, making sure that they are built to last and are environmental-friendly. The office furniture which offer is also an office desk with cabinets. With the filing cabinets, this piece of office furniture can provide users with large storage space, in which they can store their files, documents, personal objects, and so on. Besides, the office desks is suitable for the computer. With this piece of furniture, employees can greatly improve their efficiency.



2. The solution for the resting area: A resting area is a relaxing place where employees and customers can enjoy their leisure time. And some of the employees need a convenient table where they can have lunch or make a cup of coffee. To meet their needs, they offer u shaped office furniture with a hutch for the Axpo Group. The office furniture with hutch offers enough storage for the employees to put their cups or hampers in. Moreover, design team integrate the elements of various natural resources into the resting area to make it more innovative.



3. The solution for the meeting room: There are meeting rooms of various sizes in the Axpo Group. Considering the huge demand of the company, they offer the modern office furniture with a reasonable price for the company. The office furniture for the meeting room is made of durable and environmental-friendly material and is aesthetically pleasing. The ergonomic design of our office furniture offers employees unparalleled comfort during a long-time meeting. The color of the furniture makes it match the simple and modern decoration well.



Design concepts for office furniture are warmly welcome by the Axpo Group. They successful close the deal and offer the company high-quality service, which leaves a deep impression on their customer-----Axpo Group. The excellent integration between office furniture and nature is highly commended by the company. 

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