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Estee Lauder Warsaw Office Design Appreciation

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Estee Lauder Warsaw Office Design Appreciation

Estee Lauder Warsaw Office Design Appreciation

Design Team: Dorota Osiecka, Grzegorz Rajca, Zuzanna Jaszczuk, Eliza Henger, Aleksandra Adamczyk

Address: Warsaw, Poland

Area: 1,100 square meters

Time: 2020

The Colliers Define design team presents Estee Lauder's Warsaw, Poland office. The office is designed to reflect that this is a brand agency with high aesthetic standards, as reflected in its brand statement: Every woman can be beautiful.

Estee Lauder needed a new office to run its business in Poland. The office had to be designed to facilitate the subsequent transition to flexible working (ABW) while also accommodating the current demands of hybrid working. The design of the new space should be based on the culture of the company - elegance and functionality, which are the drivers to achieve this.

The main challenge of the design was to shape a work environment suitable for the different functional needs of the various cosmetic brands operating within the organization, while maintaining consistency and cohesion throughout the workplace. For the client, the transition from working in individual offices to working in an open space was a major transition. In order to alleviate this transformation and build psychological adaptation, the design team did not plan a fully open space, but first designed the open space into the form of small islands to provide the necessary comfort experience for the team.

To show the Estee Lauder’s slogan and principles, the office in Poland has to be designed to meet the needs of a flexible working schedule and a mixed working mode. The new office in Polan has to reveal the company’s culture--elegance and versatility. To achieve the requirements, the BPC company asks for the following things, which are also the business challenges for our company. First, the office has to be equipped with office furniture of different kinds. Moreover, due to different cultures, the office furniture they need is different from that in China. As one of the most celebrated office furniture vendors in China, we do our best to provide  high-quality office furniture systems for the cosmetic company.

1. The solution for the working place: Designer team offer office furniture at work of various kinds. To make the furniture suitable for the office in Poland, we offer the office furniture in gray, dark blue, pink, etc. And to maximize the storage and utility of the office furniture, our company provides office furniture with 3 drawers for the executive office. This piece of modern office furniture comes equipped with 3 spacious drawers, providing ample storage space for documents, stationery, and other essentials.

2. The solution for the meeting room: Bearing the company’s elegance and simplicity in mind, we supply modular white office furniture to match the decor of the office. And to promote cooperation and teamwork, designer team supply office furniture in the u line so that participants can have face-to-face communication during or after the meeting. This piece of furniture is not only sophisticated but also convenient, which can greatly improve efficiency.

3. The solution for the executive office: Designer team provide executive desks in an l shape for the executive office. Considering the features of the executive office, they provide the l-shaped desk with ample workspace and storage options to help the office stay organized and efficient. With durable construction and a sleek design, the desk offers the perfect choice for the busy executives in the office of Estee Lauder.

4. The solution for the lounge area: A lounge area is a place where customers and employees can take a good rest or have an excellent resting experience. Accordingly, designer provide lounge chairs in different colors for the office. The lounge chairs can not only integrate well into the lounge area but also leave a deep impression on the customers and employees.

The deal goes smoothly and finally finishes within the schedule. The elements contributing to the successful deal are our hardworking, high-quality products, and the trust and recognition from the Estee Lauder.

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