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Yucan Series Chair
The overall shape is round and the curve design is natural and smooth. 
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Source of designer inspiration
Designers according to Chinese ancient science of human meridians and acupoints, channels and collaterals acupuncture point massage has been designed in 6 pieces of lumbar pad, waist 24 dots distributed channels and collaterals acupuncture point massage mat distribution, through to the stimulation of meridians meridians, effectively ease recuperate the waist fatigue, channels and collaterals acupuncture point massage at the same time to improve nutritional status of local soft tissue and joint, relieve spasm, strengthening qi and blood flow, Protect your health.
Design Concept
The overall shape is round and the curve design is natural and smooth. Under the natural and smooth visual experience, it is supported by scientific and rigorous ergonomics, creating a new form of adaptive function dynamic adjustment, paying attention to human comfortable experience, realizing all-round scientific support and protecting body health.
Built-in Headrest System
The headrest embedded in the back of the seat is more suitable for thr neck and shoulders
Soft Cushion
Natural fit for human sitting posture
Disperses hip pressure fir deep relaxation
Thickened high resilience qualitative sponge filling
3D Air Layer Fabric
Improves the breathability and softness of the seat back, providing comfortable support to the user
Hive Suspension System
The simple and ingenious hexagonal interlocking is used to form a tightly close honeycomb mesh structure
View the dimensions, materials, and details for Yucan, and learn ways to adjust for the ultimate comfort and support.​​​​​​​
Meet the family​​​​​​​
The Yucan Series includes six colors inspired by the element.

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