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HYYC series with Nordic functionalism and Italian modern form of techniques for our users to create a variety of mixed office space, in order to meet the humanistic, innovation , members of the enterprise spirit , vitality , health and fashion needs. Whether it's yuppie , cyberpunk or more avant-garde minimalist form, HYYC series can present for you .
HYYC Series Office Workstations
Benefit from our research-based planning approach and diverse portfolio of products and services.
Create harmonious work environment
The Lander workstation is proudly designed and manufactured in the Hongye and boasts distinctive technology advancements and ease-of-use not found on any conventional desk. It assembles in minutes, has a sleek hand controller that syncs to your smartphone, and can be customized to hundreds of size, shape and color combinations, including 19 advanced Surf(x) 3D-laminated desktops.
Group helps people work together and provides space to office the tools they need to collaborate. With these versatile furniture configurations, you can create places for connection throughout an open office and tailor settings to the needs of specific teams
Sail is a streamlined, freestanding structure with intuitive access to power and data. It provides simple, linear boundaries for individual workstations or group settings—and utilizes height-adjustable desks and freestanding storage with ease. Multiple material options provide harmony with the rest of Sail Office Landscape.
TW is the foundation for desks, storage, surfaces, and screens. As workplace needs evolve for organizations—influxes of employees, changing priorities—TW keeps up by allowing additions and removals with ease. Mix and match materials based on your aesthetic and establish design consistency with the rest of your office.
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