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The Production of Professional Office Desk Furniture for Top 500 Enterprises in China-China Insurance

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Case Study Details


China Insurance



Order Date

August, 2020

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China Insurance has been ranked top 500 enterprises in China for successive four years. Since its establishment in July, December 1986, its business has been burgeoning. In 2002, under the approval of the Chinese State Council, the company was given the name “Zhonghua”( the word equivalent to “China”), making it the only state-owned insurance company whose name is “Zhonghua” in China. In the future, China Insurance will become a leading insurance company in the world.

Business Challenge

China Insurance is a large state-owned company. There are many rooms with different functions in this company. For instance, multifunction halls, meeting rooms and training rooms of different sizes and rest waiting rooms, etc. Our company needs to provide a huge amount of different office furniture within a short time. According to the contract, our company has to deliver the goods within 2 months and install them within 15 days.


As one of the best office furniture companies in China, we try utmost to meet the requirements of our buyer. Our company offers many solutions for office furniture to choose from. Because of our hardworking, an attitude of striving for excellence and satisfying services, we finally manage to overcome all the challenges and successfully provide the best office desk setup and office furniture set for the company.

Light up a different office life for China Insurance Company.


According to the demands of China insurance, we offer top-rated office furniture, such as a desk in the CEO office, office desks in different shapes, desks with drawers, and so on.

1. The solution for the meeting room: China Insurance has meeting rooms of various sizes. Each meeting room has different requirements. However, something common has to be born in mind: modern style and serious atmosphere. Apart from the style and atmosphere, comfort should not be neglected. Therefore, our company provides office desks in a modern style which can match perfectly the decor of the meeting room. The modern office desk also contains the style of the mid-century, reminding you of the beauty of the middle century. Our office desks for work can help show the image of the company, leaving a deep impression on others. Besides, we offer comfortable and modern office seating to match our piece of furniture for the office to ensure a comfortable seating experience.


2. The solution for the training room: Compared with the meeting room, the training room is larger and the atmosphere is more relaxed. Meanwhile, the mobility of the commercial office desk placed in the training room also needs to be noticed. As a result, our company offers the following solutions for office furniture: we choose the best office desk chair which is made of light but durable materials for the training room.  Because the training rooms in the company have various kinds, we offer a wide range of office furniture which can be suitable for the training room. Our company offers top l shaped desk which is wooden. Its durability and smoothness can give the participants an excellent experience. The office furniture for business we use is stuffed with comfortable materials. With mesh back, the office furniture for the workspace is breathable. Its black surface makes it easy to clean. It is the best office furniture we offer.



3. The solution for the rest waiting room: The office furniture in the rest waiting room should be cozy and comfortable, proving comfort for your customers or guests. And for the reason that the rest waiting room is used to treat guests or customers, stylish and contemporary office furniture is required. Thus our company offers lounges and office desks in 3 pieces. The whole office furniture is designed to fit in the atmosphere and decor of the waiting room. This piece of office is in accordance with the design of new office furniture. The office desk can be put in front of sofas or can be put behind the sofas. It is movable.


This project processes smoothly on schedule. In addition to the professionalism and hardworking of Cuboc hospitality furniture company (Hongye Furniture Group), which is one of the top office furniture companies in China, the trust and support of China Insurance are also indispensable. China Insurance claims that this is one of the best office furniture deals the company has made.   Cuboc Medical Furniture (Hongye Furniture Group) is committed to creating a durable, ergonomic office environment, providing China Insurance with solutions for high-quality and creative office furniture products.

reception area

Reception Area

conference room

Conference Room

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