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TOP 10 Chinese Office Chair Manufacturer in 2023

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TOP 10 Chinese Office Chair Manufacturer in 2023

China is currently the biggest exporter of furniture worldwide. Here, we'll provide some of China's best office chair makers for an easy guide. You will gain a greater knowledge of the evolution of the Chinese office furniture market. We will also offer decision-makers guidance on buying furniture from Chinese manufacturers. The different factory factors we will examine are as follows.

To make the most value from your relationships with the Chinese office furniture maker, It is essential to know the market and how it's evolved. This way, the company's decision-makers be equipped with the knowledge needed to make smart purchase decisions from China. 

These are regions where office chairs are commonly manufactured.

Below is a listing of the cities of the most important furniture manufacturers for offices:

On the supply side, Zhejiang is the main furniture source in China, with top-quality furniture and office chairs that are priced well.

Guangdong Province's revenue from furniture sales is ranked the top in China with a huge advantage. Its products offer a superior cost-performance ratio. Foshan can be described as the place of birth of China's modern cluster of furniture manufacturing.

For more information, go to Distribution Patterns for Furniture for Office Furniture located in China.

Office chairs always are at the top of office furniture at home and in foreign countries. China's share of office chairs represents around three-quarters of the entire commercial furniture industry.

top 10 office chair manufacturer

The Top 10 Office Chair Manufacturer

1.Kuo Ching

kuo ching

Kuo Ching's office furniture business was established in 1979, and since then, the company has been growing steadily in tandem with Taiwan's rapid economic growth. In 1995, he ventured into China and set out to set up the company in Guangzhou, China. His successes made his company extremely successful in implementing an export-oriented company.

The location of the production base:

Kuo Ching later built out his manufacturing line with factories in Beijing, Shanghai, Cheng Du Heshan, Cheng Du, Beijing, and Heshan. Heshan Kuo Ching ranks as one of the largest large-scale furniture manufacturers for office furniture, and it has 220,000 square meters of land.

The business scope

Kuo Ching later built his production lines with factories in Beijing, Shanghai, Cheng Du, and Heshan. Heshan Kuo Ching is one of the top manufacturers of office furniture in the world, and it covers 220,000 square meters of land.

2. Comfort Workspace

Comfort Workspace

As Asia's leading manufacturer, Comfort Workspacehas focused on premium ergonomic chairs for the last 20 years. Comfort is built on its strength and strength within the highly competitive office furniture and commercial seating market.

The location of the production base:

With a total area of 60,000 square meters of space, Comfort Workspace owns the biggest modern high-end, modern net chair production base.

The business scope

Their main business is office furniture, office equipment, 3D printing, smart electronic equipment, as well as cloud-based business industries. Their principal marketing model involves direct sales.

3. Hongye office furniture 

Hongye office furniture

Hongye office furniture has been in China for over 20 years and focuses on providing the most affordable office furniture. Since 1999, the company has been manufacturing office chairs and offering OEM and ODM services. Nowadays, their clients and products are used in education, finance, science and technology public agencies, and various other industries. Thanks to their constant investment in talent and technological advancement, Hongye is now the most renowned office furniture manufacturer in China.

Production base:

It is located within Hecheng Town, Heshan District, Jiangmen City, with a production area of 200,000 square meters. They utilize the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology and offer the suitable prices to purchase. They are renowned for their high level of customer confidence.

Scope of business:

Ergonomic office chairs, contemporary office furniture, educational furniture, and office desks.

The Key Points

The most economical office environment provider in China. is a professional furniture business that is committed to product design, R&D manufacturing, as well as customer service. Globally, provides professional seating and office space solutions.

Since 2003 President of the company Ms. Endison Lu committed to in-house research and development and innovation. Their original designs were highly regarded and admired by the market for their timeless style and quality.

The location of the production base:

The Qiantang production facilities in the new zone, Haining, and Xiaoshan are spread across an covering 300,000 square metres. The production equipment has been upgraded to world-leading quality through solid upgrading practices.

5.Kentec Seating

Kentec Seating

Kentec has its headquarters in Dongguan City. The company is a specialist in modern office seating and has achieved this industry's reputation. They offer contemporary-style leather and fabric sofas.

Production base:

The production centers in Qiantang's new zone, Haining, and Xiaoshan are spread across an space of 300,000 square meters. The production equipment has reached a top international quality through careful upgrading.

Scope of business:

Reception area

Area for staff

Chair of the Supervisor

Conference Room

Training Room


Merry Fair

Merryfair began to be founded in 1974 to manufacture components and then produced Office chairs by 1982. The company quickly became a top producer of office furniture in Malaysia and also had success exporting office furniture to the world market starting in 1985.

They have strict quality control and meticulously execute each stage of production. A large portion of their manufacturing process is carried out internally. This allows them to quickly respond to the demands of the customer with innovative solutions, but helps them manage how well they produce the products they offer.

Production Base

In 2008, the factory was moved in 2008 to Klang, Malaysia, with a workshop of 63000 square meters comprising steel for chairs, the injection molding process, the processing wood and a raw material warehouse.

Scope of business:

Seating Products

System Furniture




ASIS offers exquisite products, the most ergonomic designs, and a wide range of office furniture solutions. The company sells premium office furniture to numerous international as well as Fortune 500 companies.

They concentrate on their R & D and the design of their products. They create products that are safe and comfortable because they place a high priority on the quality of their products. Each product has passed numerous international standards for testing, and ASIS has been granted several patents throughout Asia, Europe, and America.

Production Base

We have a business in the Netherlands that designs, creates and manufactures European-style office chairs. the manufacturing base is in Guangdong Province, China.

The business scope

ergonomic chairs

Task chairs

guest chairs

Conference chairs

lounge chairs.

8.Lian Feng

Lian Feng

Lianfeng Lianfeng HTML0 is an enterprise focused on product design, manufacturing, and sales of office chairs.

The company was formed in November 2003. over five years of dedication, it has grown from a handful of employees to over 600 employees, with more than 30 technical and professional employees.

The company adheres to manufacturing premium office chairs and is determined to provide the best value for its customers. It is committed to offering customers high-end products and services in the United States and abroad.

The location of the production base:

This company's headquarters are within Anji, Zhejiang, the home of swivel chairs in China, and boasts an annual capability of two million chairs for office use.

The business scope

Office Chair

Leisure Chair

Gaming Chair

Desk Chair for the Kid Desk Chair


Dining chairs made of mesh.



U.E. Furniture Co., Ltd. is a major national high-tech company engaged in professional research and development, manufacturing and sales of healthy chairs. Its products include massage chairs, office chairs, sofas, and functional fittings for chairs. It is one of the largest chair suppliers in China at present.

Production Base

It covers approximately 140000 square meters, with a building area being 178000 m2.

The business scope

Office Chair

Leisure Chair


office chair

massage chair


Fittings for chairs that are functional

Mechanisms of recliner recliners



Sitone is a modern and large office furniture company with production, R&D, sales, resource integration, and customer service. It offers a broad range of services and products. The headquarters is located in China furniture center town of material, Longjiang, Shunde. The company is comprised of Longjiang, Xiqiao production base.

The location of the production base:

The company covers an area of 220,000 square meters.

The business scope

Their main products are massage chairs, office chairs, sofas, and practical chair fittings. As one of the largest chair manufacturers in China, they offer top-quality products that are used throughout the world.


This piece, "China's top 10 chair manufacturer," is likely to provide you with a better understanding of the office furniture (chair) business and assist you with the necessary information to make a purchase decision for office chairs.

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