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Successful Solutions for Commercial Uffice Furniture- The Construction of the Wuhai Incorrupt Government Education Center

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Case Study Details


Wuhai incorrupt government education center



Order Date

April, 2022

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The construction of the incorrupt government education center has always been a major and important project of Wuhai, a city in inner Mongolia autonomous region. After construction, the education center will further improve the reform of China’s supervision system, which can contribute greatly to the legalization of anti-corruption work.

Business Challenge

As one of the top 5 office furniture manufacturers in China, we also face some business challenges during this process. First, we are confronting many competitive competitors during the bid. But with our excellent service and high-quality products, our company, fortunately, triumphs over other companies and gain this precious opportunity. Second, the education center in Wuhai requires not only some office furniture but also matching equipment. For example, office furniture, meeting room furniture, dormitory furniture, activity room furniture, and so on. Third, The schedule is tight, our company has to finish producing all the furniture in a short time. Thus it requires speed and quality at the same time. Last but not least, we have to try our best to provide durable furniture at a reasonable price, which means that we need to find durable and solid materials at an acceptable price.


After the effort of several months, our company, one of the biggest office furniture companies in China, contrive to meet all the requirements of Wuhai’s incorrupt government education center. Since we are not only in the line of office desk supplies but also an experienced adviser and manufacturer who can offer the best inexpensive office desks.  


As a result, our company, Hongye Furniture Group, successfully won the bid with 4.09 million yuan. 

“A different office environment gives us more motivation to work.”


Our company offers some solutions for business office furniture and solutions for matching equipment for the education center.


1. The solution for the furniture in the meeting room. A meeting room is a place where office furniture is needed. A piece of quality and comfortable office furniture and seating will not only offer an excellent seating experience for people during the meeting but also stand for long use. According to the features of the meeting room, we provide an office desk which is not against a wall, so that more people can come to the meeting at the same time, greatly improving the efficiency. The office is huge and meanwhile, the best and most budget office desk. The chair in this office furniture desk set is made of sturdy material and can give you strong support.


2. The solution for the furniture in the dormitory. A piece of comfortable and soft furniture is needed in the dormitory of the education center so that employees can have a good rest after working. Comfort and safety are two significant elements needed to be considered. Therefore, our company provides office desk and bed combo. The beds we provide are stuffed with soft materials, making sure that employees can have a good sleep during the night or at noon. We also offer solutions for small office furniture in the dormitory, ensuring that employees can have a working space so that they can deal with some work if necessary. We provide a small office desk with 5 drawers for the dormitory. Unlike the big office desk in the office, this office desk is smaller so that it will not take up too much space in the dormitory. With 5 drawers, the office desk is an ideal choice for storage.


3. The solution for the furniture in the activity room. The ambience in the activity room is less serious than that in the meeting room. Such kind of room can be used as a waiting room or a talking room. People can communicate with each other casually in such a room. Accordingly, we provide the office furniture group, including sofas covered with black leather in the waiting room, wooden desks, and so on. Between these sofas is wooden office furniture. Solid wooden desks are in the middle. The office furniture offers a place where customers can place the cups or files during the talking.


4. The solution for the tight schedule and high-quality products. Considering the requirements of the incorrupt government education center, we decide to offer the best quotes for office desks and durable products. According to the different functions of different rooms, we provide various pieces of furniture for the education center. Our company provides a couch, which is a piece of office furniture for the activity room, the best business office furniture in a small size for the employee dormitory. We also provide solutions for office furniture suitable for humans in the meeting room. All of them are durable and affordable.


After endeavoring for several months, Hongye Furniture Group managed to finish the construction of Wuhai’s incorrupt government education center. Thanks to our speed and seriousness, our company receives praise from the Wuhai government. The integrality and the practicability of the furniture are highly praised by the Wuhai government. Both the design and concepts of our office furniture are welcome by the government. 

Conference table

Conference room table

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