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Hongye Furniture Group made a wonderful appearance at the CIFF

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Hongye Furniture Group made a wonderful appearance at the CIFF

Hongye Furniture Group made a wonderful appearance at the CIFF

As we all know, China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) has unsurpassed industry influence and appeal in the world. The powerful furniture manufacturers across the country will travel thousands of miles to participate in the fair. Hongye Furniture Group was also invited to participate in the fair with three major brands (Hongye Shanda, Jiangnan Furniture, and Juedu Brand).


We bring new products with a great sense of design to every customer who visits the exhibition and you in front of the screen. We provides customers with one-stop overall supporting solutions, bringing unprecedented sensory experience to the visitors.It is a pity that you were not able to come to the exhibition while you were abroad. There was an endless stream of on-site exhibitors, and batches of merchants came to consult, negotiate and exchange.


Hongye Group factory has 35,000 square meter luxury exhibition hall, covering six series of products, such as office, hotel, healthcare, education, bank furniture.

Hongye Furniture Group took the four elements of technology, function, environmental protection and safety as the original product design, and won the affirmation and attention of customers.


The new products incorporate modern elements, break the traditional Chinese aesthetics, and give people a fashionable sense of technology.

Executive desks with modern design will help you work better by providing plenty of space for you to get your job done. Different designs bring you different sensory experiences. We can provide you with design and furniture matching services on site.


If you have any question, please call us at (86) 137 0227 9783 or send an E-mail to h@hysdfurniture.com.

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