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3 Seater High Back Lounge Corner Sofa with Chaise

  • HYSD sa-m18
Product Description

Hongye high back lounge corner sofa that has 3 seater with chaise offers you the ultimate in comfort and style for your modern living space. This versatile and stylish 3 seater lounge offers plenty of seating for both family and friends, with the added benefit of a comfortable chaise lounge. We promised that this sofa is 100% handmade. The feedback of using this 3 seater high back sofa is good. All of our customers have a good using experience. The high back design offers superior comfort and support, while the chaise is perfect for relaxing and lounging.The creative corner design of this sofa suite makes it perfect for you to take advantage to your corner space, while carefully design makes your room an elegant space. With its generous seating capacity and comfortable features, this 3 seater high back lounge corner sofa with chaise is the perfect choice for any modern living space.In addition to the sofa and chaise, this set also comes with matching chairs, allowing you to create a cohesive and trendy look throughout your home.

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