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Public Spaces Furniture
Help cultivate culture by connecting people's social spaces, and create a sense of purpose and belonging through meaningful interactions.
Furniture Solutions for Public Spaces
Hongye manufactures a wide range of contract furniture solutions for public spaces. In libraries, Lobby, Schools, Waiting Rooms, and so on. Office furniture, soft seating, and products that improve the light. Together with our customers, we develop unique solutions that provide your public spaces with durable customized furniture.
Be Comfortable with Public Spaces
We’ll transform the blank canvas of your public space into an environment people return to again and again. Think about how people use your space. Do they use it to collaborate? To block out distractions? To study, worship or wait? No matter what you envision, we provide a solution that maximizes your entire floor plan. Our pieces are built to order, we can customize furniture to meet your specific space needs.
Come and Consult!
Hongye manufactures customized contract furniture products, often in a combination of textile, wood and metal components. We use hard wearing furniture fabrics from well known suppliers and special foams and fittings for areas with high demands.

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